About us

Founded in 1977 in Singapore, Mua Hin Poultry Farm Pte Ltd (Mua Hin) has established its operation in poultry business for more than 25 years. It started from a small duck farm in Singapore owned and run by Sng Mua Liang and his family. With strong dedication of the owner and staff the company has been growing steadily with emphasis on innovation, high quality products, competitive pricing and reliable services.

Mua Hin is engaged in duck farming, hatchery, processing to finished products and various meat products ready for consumption. As of December 2005, Mua Hin employs more than 250 staff in Singapore and Malaysia. Mua Hinís strong and reliable operation has been generating approximately 35 million SGD per annum of which approximately 70% of this revenue is from its duck products. Currently, Mua Hin owns approximately 25% of market share for Duck meat and produce in Singapore.

In addition to ducks farming, Mua Hin also operates food processing facility over 2,500 sqm of land area and a cold-room storage with capacity of 5,000 tones and a 3,000 tones will be ready by 2006.

Mua Hin believes in providing customers with all rounded services and the best quality products. This will be achieved by integrating all aspects of its production and processing operations.

Delivery Services

In order to provide timely delivery of our products to our customers in Singapore while maintaining its freshness, we operate 15 chiller trucks and 5 minivans. Our delivery services operate seven days a week throughout the year including public holidays. 
This is also to ensure that our distributors will be able to receive our products during holidays or festive seasons where the demands are on the rise.

Our Customers

We believe in long term relationship to our clients by maintaining its high quality products with reliable and timely delivery and competitive pricing. Our Main customers include, SHOP N SAVE, Giant, Prime Supermarket, local mini marts, wet markets and restaurants.

Future Plan

Mua Hin aims to build another modern Slaughtering House in northern Malaysia which will be ready in mid 2011.  This modern slaughtering house facility is located over 10,000 square metre of land with a cold storage facility of 2,000 MT.

This will help to achieve our target of increasing market that in Malaysia and export trading. 

Our Words

Mua Hin strikes to enhance its unique integrated production system which covers every step from feeding, processing and manufacturing through distribution and marketing.  All these operations are under our control, thereby ensuring a stable supply of products.  At the same time, we earn the trust of our customers with our relentless pursuit of quality and safety.